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                                               "Ecuyer" Saddle

The baroque high-school riding saddle, a masterpiece from the XVIII century style

A lot of artists use this saddle for their shows 



Each saddle is entirely and skillfully handmade.

A very nice quality selection of the best vegetal tanned leathers and boxcalfs.

A natural clear brown colour in evolution to a dark shining brown,

or any other colour.



Beauty of the leathers, pure shapes, balance and lightness and buoyancy .

Precise and very close to the horse.




  - A secure " Three Points " girth system with knots or buckles and a leather girth 

  - Saddle-tree made of strat polyester; strong, symetrical, light

  - The weight is about 9 kg

  - Buckles, rings, screws are made of zn steel and Brass