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                              The " Randonnee " Saddle


A modern idea of the famous " Mac Clellan " saddles throughout time

 Each saddle is entirely and skillfully handmade.

A very nice quality selection of the best vegetal tanned leathers and boxcalfs.

A natural clear brown colour in evolution to a dark shining brown.



A lot of buckles and rings are placed at the front and the rear. 


The side-bars of the saddles are padded in wollen felt and covered with leather.


  - A secure " Three Points " girth system with knots or buckles

 - Over-all length: from 48cm to 53 cm

 - Seat length: 38 cm, 40 cm, 42 cm

 - Three sizes of front bows : Standard, Open, Forty

 - Saddle-tree made of strat polyester, fiber-glassed on mould; strong, symetrical and light

 - Buckles, rings, screws are made of Zn steel

 - The weight is about 5 kg


The "Randonnee" saddle IS the LongRiders' saddle